Sunday Services


Morning Service - 11:00 am


* Services are warm and friendly
* Enjoy the preaching and teaching of Gods Word
* Congregational, Choir and special music that stirs the heart 
    and glorifies our Lord
* Daycare provided


Evening Bible Study - 5:00 pm



* Each week we study and discuss a new topic from scripture




Wednesday Evening Services



Kings Kids 6:00 pm


Youth Group 6:00 pm
* 7th - 12th grade
* Challenging Teenaged directed preaching
* Fellowship, Prayer and games


Adult Prayer Service 6:00 p.m.
* Prayer Groups
* In Depth Bible Studies to help you grow



Some of the topics we are covering now:


* The Doctrine of the Scriptures
             An in depth study of why the Bible is so important

* The Doctrine of God        
             An in depth study to help us study to help understand the glory of God

* The Doctrine of Christ
             A deep look at Jesus Christ & His ministries

* The Doctrine of The Holy Spirit
             An in depth study of the person and work of the Holy Spirit

* The Doctrine of Man
             An in depth study of man and his sinful condition

* The Doctrine of Sin
             An in depth study of the effects of sin in this world

* The Doctrine of Salvation
             An in depth study of the salvation God has provided

* The Doctrine of the Church
             What is the “church” all about and why did Jesus start one?

* The Doctrine of the unseen world
             What the Bible says about angels, demons and the devil

* The Doctrine of last things
             What is God’s calendar of events